Short Bursts of Melodic Drone

by Melancholy Sunday

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Been 15 years to the day since I mixed this album (straight analog from my 4-track to a CD burner) and started making copies for my friends. It really encapsulates a moment in time for me. Young, heartbroken, practically disconsolate, I wanted to make something of my sadness; I wanted it to be beautiful. Like a child I was selfish and indolent, but still, my misanthropy at this point was in its own way somehow charming. It takes many years for despair to gnaw away the bone, and although I had already begun to turn my back on the world, I was still very much in it — it was, after all, the place I got my drugs. I don’t know if you experienced the world as we did, my friends and I, in the late ’90s, but we lived without hope for the future, in a sort of purgatory of wanting and quiet abandon. The world was never going to be ours and we knew it. This is an album about love and resignation, a distress call from my bedroom to yours; it was never meant for prime time, and I never had my day. But it’s okay, everything is okay. The music is what matters, and the music is what remains. — Nick Douet, 12/15/2015


released December 15, 2000

All songs written and performed by Nick Douet.
Drums and bass on track 8 by Matt Ashman.



all rights reserved


Melancholy Sunday Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I have medical bills.

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Track Name: A Call to Arms
Make way, this is a call to arms
It's not fair but I don't really care
It's your choice; you have to make it.
Track Name: It's a Shame
Inside, you know you'd rather pass
Outside, you raise your fucking glass
And they know everything so just let them be right
'Cause all they've ever wanted we don't need
And everything they need was given to me for free
So maybe it's a shame that all I feel is hate
Well maybe that's the only thing to fear

And in the meantime we'll scrape the pipe and choke it down
The world seems somewhat charming when you're high above it all
And there's no truth that words can clarify
There's nothing there for you and I
They laugh at all your jokes
But now the joke has always been on them
Track Name: Associate and Purge
Associate and purge
One day you'll find that you're not so far above the rest of us
And in time I hope content 'cause no one's gonna chase it all away
Then you'll seek some secret truth to twist yourself around

Associate and purge
There's nothing I could say
All these things compete (for your affection)
But you don't see these things
Track Name: Gypsy Song
Well, you look kind of empty
like I don't think I'll ever see your soul
and you got like these honest eyes that make me feel alive and opened up inside …
but there's nothing I can do to stop this urgency to give up and let go

Now my days are all empty
Although my skies are blue
And the girls all look like gypsies
'Cause they could never be you

Well, it's never that easy and I can't say I understand
well, oh well, cause if it means nothing OH WELL
I won't let you see me squirm no more
Believe me if I care it won't show

Now my days are all empty
Although my skies are blue
And I'll sing a song for the gypsy
Cause I figure it's about time (you know) to go home
Cause I know we're both in for a long fucking ride
Track Name: 3 Days, 3 Weeks
3 days and lost 3 weeks and gone
And there's not much been happening And I'm feelin' fine
So may I close my eyes for a while?
Track Name: Advantage
Can we show our faces now?
I don't know if we'll ever gain control
Can we rise above the sound
Of our souls digging under like roots do grow?

'Cause I'm free and nourished
And I feel a little bit anointed, as such
'Cause it's real past the point of its conception
Yet I feel spread out on the torture rack
'Cause I could take
Of you
But I don't want to
Track Name: Let Me In
Too little too late
Riding on this now
And I've got something together
Maybe just for a while
In stormy weather we could rise above
And I could cue you in. . .
Won't you let me in?

And I'll have nothing forever
Riding on this skin
And I've said something clever
Every now and again
Just goes to show you that there's no love
And no one ever wins. . .
Won't you let me in?

I come to
And I expect so much
You'll never know how much I
Relate to you and did I ask too much?
You'll never see how much I care
I want to
When I don't think so much
It's all good
I know, I know
I've heard it all before
Track Name: All Alone, in Circles
All across the valley, dawn
The fluttering of leaves
As a gentle wind,
Mist rolling out from the sea

All around in circles thrown
When feigning to believe
As the faithful gather
Bended at the knee

It's alright, the storm is gone, it's been blown away
You can stand by me
It's ok, the dream is dead so throw it all away
You can burn with me

All alone, the curtain drawn
The fallen at the feet
(Of the victor, spoiled)
Nodding in defeat

All across the valley drawn
To wander through the trees
In search of knowledge
And looking out to the sea

It's alright, the dream is dead so throw it all away
You can burn with me
It's ok, the need is gone, it's been washed away
By all that's pure and free